RichardBeckett Developing Good Business Sense Essay

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Developing Good Business Sense
Richard Beckett
Dana La Fleur

The three companies I chose were ones that I frequent a lot. I chose Target, which is a department store; Arby’s, which a fast food restaurant and Albertson’s Supermarket which is a grocery store chain in my area.
Target is a department store that sells, children’s clothing; women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes and accessories, different type of house hold wares, music and gaming devices and party supplies. It caters to all people, no matter race or income levels. They have managers for each of their many departments. Each department also has a different amount of employee’s, depending on the need. Each department is also allotted so many hours and dollars for operating costs. Breaking down the tasks in the store there is the maintenance team that cleans the place daily from top to bottom, the shipping department that unloads the truck tags and sensors all the merchandise, there are fitting room attendants and floor associates who help the customers with their every need, there are associates that pull and issue online orders, and there are cashiers who ring up the customers purchase. The training for their employee’s is extensive right down to where each item is placed on the shelves in any department. In the office of this store consists of the store manager and assistant manager and the store administrator. The input of the store is all the different merchandises the store carries allowing the customer to only have to shop at one store and how the merchandise is displayed to get the customers to want to buy it. The output for this store would be merchandise sales to keep the store running.
Arby’s is a fast food restaurant chain that is known for quality roast beef sandwiches. There are many steps in making this business successful. Training consists of employee’s learning how to make each sandwich, run a register and customer service. The way the operation works reminds me of an assembly line. Employee’s all work together to put out an order in a very fast friendly manner. One problem I have noticed is that this company hires many teenage kids and they get paid minimum wage. This is a big cost saving measure for this company, but does not help with longevity of employees. The input of this company would be the making of fresh food, and the output would be delivering it to the customer a timely and friendly manner. Another thing I learned is the Arby’s are franchises so not all the stores are the same but from what I learned is that they do have to follow certain guidelines in order to keep the Arby’s name and have to sell food that is known to be Arby’s.
The third business I chose is Albertson’s Supermarket. This is a chain grocery store that gives a family owned store feel. This store is broken down into departments meat, grocery, health and beauty, bakery, deli, produce and customer service. Each of these…