Essay about Richter Information Technology

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Executive Summary

Richter is the biggest pharmaceutical company in Hungary and is preparing a global expansion in one of the quickest alternating markets- the pharmacy industry. The firm currently belongs to the worldwide market leaders and faces the chance of losing their top market position. As a result their current information system (IS) has to successfully assist the firm’s expansion plans in order to guarantee a top market leader position.

Currently the IS is not completely centralized and limits the speed at which Richter can expand. Obviously a significant require for information technology (IT) support exists, due to the organizational expansion. Currently the IT strategic plan covers a one-year stage, IT workers are not
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Unfortunately the materials management and business warehouse SAP module is still missing. This fact will definitely increase the level of difficulty for Richter if the firm will not change anything.

Since all SAP modules are not completely integrated in all global members’ systems, without standardization, it can become very expensive for Richter to still be able to assist all different systems. Especially, as Richter is increasing. In addition, all information generated by the various systems may not be as helpful if all field definitions differ.

The last and very important weakness is that it would be very complicated to implement a sudden change in the process of the IT system across Richter, since all locations use various systems. Since markets are shifting so rapid, this can cause tremendous problems for Richter.

Opportunities An opportunity can be to expand the outsourcing decision. This decision may beneficial influence the efficiency and strengthens Richter’s competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical market.

Threats An obvious threat is that the pharmaceutical industry is based on fast and continuous improvements. As a result also competitors can invest in new technologies as well and may build a more competent information system and take over the position of Richter to be one of the market leaders.

Alternatives and Recommendations

The advised information system has to meet