Rick Riordan's The Hidden Oracle

Words: 907
Pages: 4

The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan explains how Apollo, the great and almighty god of music, poetry, archery, and much more, came to serve Meg McCaffrey, a girl -in which he met at a dumpster- that looks like a traffic light. This action-packed and comedic book will leave you defenseless from putting it down! After the war with the earth-mother Gaea ended, Apollo was destined to be punished. After 6 months of him missing (because he was missing, all prophecy could not be reached), he finds himself in a garbage dump, with the identity of Lester Papadopoulos, a sixteen year-old mortal with acne and flab! The words: YOUR FAULT, APOLLO. YOUR PUNISHMENT. Spoken by his father makes him anxious. When two thugs see Apollo (Lester), they try to rob him of his $100. Unexpectedly, a young girl manages to chase them way with her powers of -what it seemed like- garbage throwing? Apollo soon finds out that the girl is a demigod that goes by the name of Meg McCaffrey. Meg attempts to appoint Apollo as her servant, but, unexpectedly, Zeus approves with a clap of thunder. Apollo decides to take Meg to Percy Jackson’s house, a demigod who “loves and worships him” ever so much. At the …show more content…
At camp, Meg manages to injure a few campers, along with summoning a karpos (a grain spirit) and they soon find out that she is a daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of the harvest. Apollo and Meg speak to Chiron briefly, and find out that 3 campers are missing. In spirit of keeping camp activities going on regularly, the story almost immediately springs into action when the camp grounds open up, sending all the participating demigods into the labyrinth to start a deadly three-legged race. While in the labyrinth, Apollo and Meg come across two voices who they soon Identify as Python and “the Beast”. They luckily secretly escape and make it back to camp safe. However, two children of Apollo, Kayla and Austin are now