Essay on Rico: Retailing and Visual Merchandising

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Assignment title
Visual Merchandising in Retail

Siân Parry/Eva Bird

Date issued
3rd October 2014
Interim Deadline

Final deadline
6th November 2014
Duration (approx)

Qualification suite covered
BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business5rttttttttjn.,mnjjm yym,c\ sZaa

Unit 30: Visual Merchandising in Retail
Learning aims covered
Learning aim A: Know the visual merchandising and display techniques used in different retail outlets.

You are employed as a researcher for a retail consultancy firm who have been commissioned by Marks & Spencer who are interested in ensuring their visual merchandising displays continue to increase customers into their stores. You have been asked to research and present your findings on the visual merchandising techniques applied to goods in 3 different retail outlets, one must include Marks & Spencer.

Task 1
Marks & Spencer would like you to design an information booklet which describes how visual merchandising is applied by Marks & Spencer and two other retail outlets to an identified range of goods.

(You should consider selecting a diverse range of retail outlets such as small retailers offering specialised products and services, for example, pet shops, and other retail outlets not located in the traditional ‘high street’ for example garden centres and vehicle dealerships. Use illustrative evidence such as photographs and drawings to the relevant techniques used.)

Task 2
Your manager is impressed by your information booklet and would now like you to prepare a report which analyses the merchandising and display techniques used to present goods in the 3 retail outlets above.

(You should be able to supply specific examples of how the 3 selected organisations analyse these techniques in terms of how successful the presentation of goods is.)

Evidence you must