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"Puppies on the way!" (Being prepeard)

Puppies are always a delight, but caring for a pregnant dog can be quite a challenge. Many dog owners do not know what steps to take when it comes to a canine pregnancy, and even spotting signs of dog pregnancy can be difficult at times.
Signs of Dog Pregnancy
It is important for all dog owners – not just those who plan to breed – to watch out for the signs of dog pregnancy. Not all canine pregnancies are planned, and accidents can happen. Knowing what to look for can help dog owners get a jump on the process and prepare their homes for those adorable puppies.
Some signs that may indicate an existing pregnancy include:
Decreased appetite
Decreased activity or lack of interest in favorite dog toys
Full nipples
Changes in dog behavior, such as an increased desire to be alone or a decrease in playfulness
Weight gain
How long will gestation last?
The typical gestation period of a dog is 63 days. In the case of a planned mating, the expected delivery date can be determined with a fair degree of accuracy, but if the mating was unplanned it can be a bit more complicated. A skilled veterinarian should be able to determine an approximate due date, which will help the dog owner prepare for the whelping by creating the proper home environment.
Special Care During Pregnancy
Pregnant dogs need different care than non-expecting dogs, so it's important to prepare for the puppies by caring for their mother. Be on the lookout for signs of complications or ill health. Once a pregnancy is suspected, the owner should make an appointment with their veterinarian. Not only can the vet determine that a pregnancy is underway, but they can provide the owner with valuable advice on how to care for the expectant mother dog.
The veterinarian can also determine how far along the pregnancy is, and that will prove important when it comes time to