Essay on Riesling Vines

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The history and origin of Riesling is clouded in mystery. There are no facts or evidences that Riesling existed many years ago. But we know that the history of German wine started its existence thousands years ago under the Roman Empire. Romans replanted the vineyards in Germany; so we can assume that Riesling already existed many years ago. The first documentary evidence regarding Riesling appears in 1435. Riesling's home is the regions that trace the middle Rhine and the lower Mosel, which is two of Europe's great wine rivers. On the other side of the Rhine lies Alsace, once it was a German region and now it’s a part of France. In early history and up to the middle ages, monks were responsible for the vineyards in the Germany. Monasteries carried forward the traditions of winemaking; they made a winemaking process an art. And under their ownership quality of the wine had changed; the Riesling’s triumph had begun by the 17th century, with efforts to improve the quality of the wine. At that time many red vines were replaced by the Riesling vines. After Napoleon’s invasion in 18th century, private landowners took the control over the vineyards. Monasteries lost their power over the vineyards that they took care throughout the history. They were making wine now not only for the domestic consumption but for export as well. By then, German Rieslings were highly popular around the world, even valued by many European royal dynasties. They were bought and sold at…