Right 4 Students Should Be Able Essay

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Right #4: Students should be able to sell snacks during school.
- Students should be able sell snacks throughout the school day. Some students need the extra money. Selling snacks students can make money to support their college funds or help pay for important things.If they are not selling illegal things then it should not be a big deal. - The people who may oppose to this decision is administration. The administration may oppose to this because it they takes away from school profits. It can have safety cautions such as students with allergies. They can have an allergic reaction to what was sold to them the students can be severely injured or even can die. Right #5: Students shall be able to form a petition without the consent of the administration. - Students should be able to form a petition without the consent of the administration because if the administration don't agree with the petition they will not let it be passed on. Students should be able to have a voice on what they disagree on. A petition would be able to give students a voice.
- Administration would disagree with this right. Students may form a petition that goes against school rules and without their consent may be dangerous or have gone against safety precaution towards the school. Importance of giving students a voice: Giving students a voice is important because it makes a better learning environment. If nobody enjoyed going to school, how would that make students want to go?. Giving us a