Right Hot, And Bothered

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Right, Hot, and Bothered

This article relates to chapter 1 “What is Human Sexuality”. This article talks about how the Fox blonde news anchors use their sexuality to make white male viewers become more receptive to their messages. This article suggests they do things like showing a little extra leg when discussing real American’s problems. Issues such as not being able to feed families or not being able to find a jobs, are subliminally connected to sensuality and compassion. Other subliminal sexual signal the article suggests are sitting submissively and acting flirtatious while sitting between two stern uptight males in suits. These women often act as the “Blond Bimbo” but strategically voice the Fox News Network’s company rhetoric.
Another suggestion of the article is the fact these women are dyed blonds’ which is apparently on a subconscious male level an attractive female trait which aids in selling the Fox message. Women like Megyn Kelly show such confidence, intelligence and non-attainability that the though her hair color is not natural conveys a message to male views of subordination to the male desire. All these traits are meant to get an unpopular and some may say untruthful message across using the best salespeople. So what is human sexuality, I guess it is the art of getting a messages across. Either you’re trying to convey a message to other’s that you are available and looking for a partner or like in todays society selling cloths, entertainment or news because “sex sells”.
Question #2
Sexual response can sometimes be confusing for young people who are not yet familiar with their bodies but also in adults who are. Sexual response is not right out in the open and is dependent largely on body chemistry and the psychology of the brain.
Hormones are chemicals that regulate various bodily functions, including growth and resistance to stress as well as sexual function (Rathus, et al., 2011, p.144). Sometimes the body reacts involuntarily to stimulating situations because these chemicals become active. Even experienced people can often be taken off guard by the rush they receive from these hormones. In my opinion, understanding your hormones and how they change your perspective on sexual situations is an important part of maturing sexually as a human being. Only by having experiences when your moods are altered can a person learn to interpret situations for what they truly are and not fall into impulsive unsafe acts caused by inadequate knowledge of your body’s chemistry.
Psychology can also play an important roll in sexual responses and can be confusing to young “innocent” people as well. Society often puts a stigma on sexual behavior that influences our mental development often at a very young age. The brain may inhibit sexual responsiveness, as when we experience guilt or anxiety in a sexual situation (Rathus, et al., 2011, p.142).