Right vs. Wrong Essay

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Jen Brustoski
Crooks, Period 4
September 7, 2012
Right Vs. Not So Right As a little kid I was taught the difference from right and wrong. Cleaning my room, right. Cutting the blinds, wrong. These rights and wrongs are things that most little kids either get a pat on the back for or a trip to time out for. The rules were basically the same for everyone at that age. As I grew older, the line between right and wrong became a little hazy. I thought that if my friend’s parents said they were allowed to do something, I was probably okay doing it. I found out that my opinion was wrong pretty fast. When my mom was scolding me for running around town and not telling her about it, I happened to be in the presence of my grandma as well. This was when my grandma took the time to tell me, “Now Jennifer, if you have a bad feeling in your gut about what you’re going to, don’t do it! That’s your conscience and it’s usually right.” From this I concluded that when your parents are the ones in control of your life, their rules and expectations determine what is right and wrong. These days, my parents leave it to me to make the right decisions about things that don’t have to do with breaking curfew or getting in a car with a boy they don’t know. With this freedom I am left with my own opinions and while my parents may not be the ones calling all the shots, the way they raised me influences what I think is right and wrong. In my family, it’s best to keep an open mind, so my