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"Early Morning" Reflection
I wrote this poem about those awful nights of insomnia. It reflects kind of what I do at night and how sleep deprived I am. On a deeper level I wanted it to symbolize the endless game of what if and long thought processes of death and mourning. I wrote this the other night when I was awake listening from the other room, my mother's soft sobs. It made me think about her dying and what my life will be like and how much I will change. This in turn lead to me thinking about the darkness in my life. The darkness in my life represents all of the black at the end of the poem and the darkness of the night. I was thinking about how upset I was about her death and I jotted down where I thought my tears came from. I thought my tears came from anger, sadness, grief, and worry, and i decided to express that with a dark color of tears. In the very last stanza of this poem I chose to lighten it up with the image of a sunrise. My mom has always told me that her favorite part of her day is the sunrise because it is proof that there is light after the darkness. I thought that since my poem is mainly about my emotions for my mom, that I should put a little piece of her in my writing. I hope that whoever reads this will look deep within the writing and see my true intentions for being poetic with such a harsh yet simple feeling of sorrow. I also hope that when the reader gets to the last stanza that they will smile with joy knowing that the sunrise really is