A Brief Note On Ethics

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Question 1
All the factors involved are internal for the company (environment factors), except for the external resource that was abused, the internet. Jasper is in a dilemma as the company has a policy that all computers were to be used for work related business only. However Jasper has vetoed a standard inclusion that the company reserves the right to monitor computer usage and turned down the possibility to install filter software. He actually admits that he knew that employees accessed their personal emails, banking, checking the weather and book vacations. This in itself is hypocritical. A top executive should be active in promoting the right corporate culture. Elements such like values, beliefs and norms need to be promoted openly
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Jasper wants to promote an involvement culture which would mean helping Henry in his personal life. Indeed, Jasper admits to this to himself in the scenario. Henry is noted as a hard working valuable employee and his dismissal will hurt the company. The female employee was not fired for poor work performance and so there is no suggestion that she is a bad employee.

My first action task would be this:

At this point of time, the outside world does not know of the scandal in the company. To protect the company, the fired employee will need to be re-hired as the female employee threatened legal action over her dismissal. Such legal action would attract the attention of the media so she must be put back on the pay role. She needs to be moved to another department so she doesn’t get Henry as her manager again. It may be possible to get her to agree to a secrecy clause.

Henry needs help and in the spirit of having an involvement culture in the company, Henry will be offered the following;

1. A work mentor for his wife’s business

2. The appropriate counselling to cover the grief of his nephew’s death and the internet porn addiction.

My second action task would be this:

Both employees will be suspended for two weeks and a company announcement will be made outlining that the internet policy has been breached and a thorough investigation will be upheld to determine the depth of the problem and