Rip Curl Business Plan Essay

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Rip Curl have been operating in Australia since 1969 dealing in surfing products and accessories. Over the years consumer tastes have constantly changed and other surfing brands have moved into the market forcing Rip Curl to diversify their products and marketing strategies to remain one of Australia’s most successful businesses


Situational analysis

Rip curl was born in 1969 when Brian Singer and Doug Warbick started a partnership with their personal savings of $500. This was a business to make surfboards and was set up in their backyard shed at Torquay in Victoria. Before long Rip curl had expanded from selling in surfing stores across Victoria to selling
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Management is the process of leading and directing all or part of an organisation, often a business, by using resources such as finance and human labour. The role of management in business is to take charge of the businesses operation and make decisions about things such as finances, what products are going to be made, how these are goin to be produced, marketing, expansion of the business. Management also forsees the proceedings of the business and makes sure everyone is doing their job to keep the operations running as smooth as possible.

Rip curls management is mainly responsible for three areas: • Development • Production • Marketing
As Rip curl is quite a large Business it allows people in Management positions to specialize in specific jobs. Rip Curl believe that their management staff work so well because they do their job to a high standard and are willing to do the work that needs to be done without having to be asked or reminded by anyone. Rip Curl management is both participative and consultive. Management staff does not keep distance with the factory workers instead they go down and help with unpacking boxes and other such jobs if there is a need to do so. This makes the business more productive as there is a better relationship between all workers.


Rip curls management structure is unlike most businesses structures seen today. The style is unorthodox and allows the Management Staff to