Rise and Fall of Rome Essays

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Rise and fall of an Empire
Beginning in its earliest history as Roman society began to develop the social norms and expectations, one of the lead ideals was the ability to absorb, and unite with outsiders. They adapted others to their way of life and also took in the knowledge of the peoples they conquered. Rome’s central focus was family, having a large, noisy household and entourage was a sign of social success. The belief was held that the gods wanted the Romans to rule the world through military strength, law social mores and values. Roman men were active participants in the governmental aspects and service in government and the military was expected. In the beginning of Rome’s youth and growth serving the community was more important that service for personal benefit. Men valued the thoughts and opinions of their elders and doing ones duty was instilled in the young early in life. Early Roman judicial system, the senate and the consuls were the foundation for justice and law in Rome. Though Rome’s might came back to its skill at merging with and working together with other cultures and the societies it conquered.
Romans were brutal in battle and their diplomacy was exceptional, combined this enabled Rome to control conquered land and people. Sometimes the Romans came to peaceful agreements, but required them turn over land and assist them militarily against other enemies. This ability to assimilate gave the Romans even more power in expanding their might. Those conquered became a part of Rome and therefore shared in the spoils of battle, roads were built to help speed the movement of troops through the land, and citizens migrated and developed new Roman societies where they went. Wealth grew in the Rome dominated lands and in the Roman capitol most of all. In