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Are We Rome? Analyze the Rise and Fall of Rome and Compare this to the U.S. today

History tends to repeat itself. This is true for civilizations around the globe as well as individuals in their daily lives. Humans tend to make the same mistake over and over again. The Great Roman Empire that surivived for over 2000 years left exquisite remains that stand the earth to this day. The Roman scribes and literature is still studied by historians and philosophers. Indeed, the Roman Empire made it presence known in the world. But like any great empire, the inevitability of its decline and crumble is absolutely certain. The major cause of most great empires have been overexpansion of empire, giving birth to many numerous factors in the social, cultural, religious and political aspects that unite and ultimately calls for the crash of a once mighty empire. Edward Gibbons, in his book “The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire”, has explained the factors of the collapse of the empire.
The USA, after the World War 2, emerged as the sole superpower of its time. No other country was able to compare to the US interms of military, technology, architecture, literature and globalization. The introduction of the Internet in America gave way to the vast form of information and technology systems that is used all around the world. Countries all around the world adopted the same system of values culture that the US has; the eportation of the US culture can be witnessed across the globe with the spread of corporations such as Mcdonald’s, Starbucks etc. The US system of capitalism is widespread and more and more countries are joining the democractic system of governance. The US developed atomic bomb demonstrates the power and technological capabilities of the Americans. Overall, the Roman Empire and The USA have far more in common than it differs; USA and Roman Empire both emerged as a superpower in their times. They both had the largest militaries and the most advanced technologies with new tools. Both adopted somewhat similar systems of governance resulting in the same problems that the Roman had at their time of demise and the problems that the USA is facing at this time.
The cause for the collapse of the Roman empire has a lot of similarities to the USA and the policies it has adapted today. They can be collectively summed into the following categories; economical collapse, military effectiveness, taxation and government spending. These were the main reasons that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, the same trends in policies are seen to be taking the USA in the same direction and fate as the Romans. The Pax Romana of Roman peace prevailed for about 200 years during the start of the empire. The reason for this is the same for the birth of the USA. The Roman empire started out as a republic, bringing people of all types under one empire as one people. The Roman citizenship allowed the people to enjoy the perks of the system. The USA works, or rather worked, in the same manner; the naturalization of immigrants to Americans allowed people from all over the world to come to the USA and make a life of their own. Governemtn provided benefits such as student loans, mortgages and social benefits. The Romans had the same system of government; roman citizens were provided water, food and the opportunity to compete in politics.
The American system of democrazcy and capitalism, that seems to work in theory, has ultimately led to the collapse of the middle class. The Romans, during the 5th Century CE, underwent a social conflicts amongst the Patricians(Elites) and the Plebians(Commoners) that resulted in a wide gap between the bourgeois leading to a change of policies allowing more rights to the poor. The same problems can be seen In the USA today; the widening gap of the rich and the poor has put the weight of the whole economic system on the shoulders of the middle class, causing their gradual demise. The middle class is currently