Rise Of Sumterian Cities

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~ca. 3500­300­ B.C.E. Rise of Sumerian cities
~ca. 1300­ Cuneiform writing established ~ca. 2500­ Royal tombs at Ur built ~ca. 2300­ Enheduanna composes her hymns ~ca. 1800­ Babylonian writings about music ~ca. 1400­1250­ Oldest nearly complete piece
~1000­973 B.C.E.­ Reign of King David in Israel ~ca. 800­ Rise of Greek city­states
~ca. 800­ Homer, Illiad and Odyssey ~753­ Rome founded
~587­538 Hebrew captivity in Babylon ~ca. 500­ Pythagoras Dies ~ca. 500­ Roman Republic begins ~485­ Aeschylus, Agamemnon ~408­ Euripides, Orestes

~ca. 380­ Plato, Republic ~ca. 330­ Aristotle, Politics ~ca. 330­ Aristoxenus, Harmonic Elements ~146­ Greece becomes province of Rome ~128­127­ Second Delphic Hymn to Apollo composed ~29­19­ Virgil, Aeneid ~27 B.C.E.­ Rome becomes empire under Augustus st
Century C.E­ Epitaph of Seikilos
~63 B.C.E.­ Romans conquer Jerusalem
~ca. 33 C.E.­ Crucifixion of Jesus ~70­ Romans destroy the Temple of Jerusalem ~98­117­ Roman Empire reaches its peak ~ca. 127­148­ Ptolemy, Harmonics
~135­ Romans destroy Jerusalem and expel the Jews

Century­ Cleonides, Harmonic Introduction th
Century­ Aristides Quintilianus, On Music
~313­ Emperor Constantine issues Edict of Milan, legalizing Christianity ~392­ Christianity becomes the Official Roman religion ~395­ Separation of Eastern and Western Roman empires th
~Early 5 Century­ Martianus Capella, the Marriage of Mercury and Philology
~476­ End of Western Roman Empire ~ca. 500­510­ Boethius, De institutione musica ~ca. 530­ Rule of St. Benedict, guide for monasteries in the West ~590­604­ Pope Gregory 1 (The Great) th
~Late 7 Century­ Schola Cantorum established ~751­768­ Reign of Pepin the Short, King of the

~768­814­ Reign of Charlemagne ~800­ Charlemagne crowned Emperor by Pope ~843­ Death of Louis the Pious, Charlemagne’s empire divided ~ca. 850­900­ Musica enchiriadis and Scolica enchiriadis ~ca. 992­96­ Wulfstan of Winchester, polyphony in
Winchester Troper th
~Late 10 Century­ Quem queritis in presepe ~1000­1300­ European population triples ~1014­ Last major item (Credo) added to Mass ~ca. 1020­50­ Wipo, Victimae paschali laudes ~1025­28­ Guido de Arzzo, Micrologus
~ca. 1050­ Windmills and water­powered mills provide mechanical power th ~11 century­ Romanesque churches and monasteries ~1054­ Split between Roman and Byzanitne churches ~1066­ Battle of Hastings: England falls to Normans ~1095­99­ First Crusade

~ca. 1100­ Song of Roland

~1146­ Adam of St. Victor Dies ~ca. 1151­ Hildegard of Bingen, Ordo virtutum

Century­ Cult of Virgin Mary th
Century­ Universities of Bologna, Paris and
Oxford established ~ca. 1100­ ad organum faciendum ~1109­ Death of St. Anselm, founder of

~ 12 Century­ Aquitanian polyphony ~ca. 1140­ First Gothic buildings

~1150’s­ ca. 1201­ Leoninus at Cathedral of Paris ~ca. 1160­ Construction of Notre Dame of Paris

~ca. 1200­ Perotinus at Notre Dame of Paris
~ca. 1200­ Comtess de Dia, A Chantos

~Early 13 Century­ Early Motets
~1208­ Pope Innocent III declares crusade against

~1209­ St. Francis of Assisi founds Franciscan order ~ca. 1215­ St. Claire founds Order of Poor Clares
~1215­ Magna Carta signed by King John of

~1216­ St. Dominic founds Dominican Order

~1225­1274­ St. Thomas Aquinas ~ca. 1228­ Walther von der Vogelweide,

~1270­ Seventh Crusade ~ca. 1270­90­ Cantigas de Santa Maria ~ca. 1284­ Adam de la Halle, Jeu de Robin et de

~ca. 1250­ Sumer is icumen in ~ca. 1260­ Johannes de Garlandia (?), De mensurabili musica