Rising gas Prices Essay

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Rising gas Prices

It seems inevitable that gas prices will be well over the $4 dollar mark before we even start to feel 70 degree weather. Instead of families and friends making plans and looking forward to summer, they are more worried about the here and now. The money that was in the summer vacation jar, is now slowly disappearing to compensate for the extra few bucks it cost to fill our tanks each day, week, month. How is it that another summer is on the horizon and instead of slow building excitement, I’m getting a slow building dread.

There really is nothing better than the start of summer, and I really don’t mean to put a negative spin on it. I have to say though that when you read the news online and see on TV all about how the economy is getting worse, and jobs more scarce…It gets a little frustrating to see rising gas prices. Can we not get a break somewhere? Are the oil companies not making enough billions to give us a few cent breaks for the upcoming summer?

I guess most of us will have to be inventive yet again this year and find something to do that’s within a 5 mile radius of our homes. It doesn’t always make for the best summer, but if we plan ahead and try to save money now, so we can spend later, it just might work. I think the hard part is trying to figure out what we can do without, when we have already given up so much.

Weighing the options and planning ahead is about the best way to prepare ourselves for the high summer gas prices. Plan the