Risk Assessment Essay

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|Risk |Likelihood |Impact |Risk Management Approach/Mitigating Actions |Early Warning Signs |
|Skills | | | | |
|Lack of IT capabilities |Low |High |Individuals with a wealth of knowledge in IT with strong in date qualifications can help the |Break down in work. Work submitted in wrong formats. |
| | | |individuals who are struggling. | |
|Low organisation initiatives |Med |Med |Having regular meetings, having appraisals with each member of the group and working together |Team falling out, lack motivation, deadlines not being |
| | | |as a team. Take advice from more experienced individuals. |met, and quality of report poor and lack of depth in |
| | | | |information. |
|Low knowledge in logistics. |Low-med |High |3 Logistics students are currently studying procurement and supply, along with a member |Lack of information in feasibility report |
|Inability to analyse | | |already qualified in procurement and supply. This helps the project to be enriched with | |
| | | |experience and expertise. | |
|Management | | | | |
|Failing to get members to agree |Med |High |Have a voting system and team leader makes decisions. Team should use a democratic approach to|No progress being made, in regards to report. Members |
|on project decisions | | |disputes. If there still are disputes take it to tutors other qualified personnel to help make|in disagreement with each other |
| | | |decision. | |
|Breakdown in communication |Low |High |Setting facebook groups to have an involvement with the whole group. Exchanging numbers and |Disputes, deadlines not being met and a lack of |
| | | |other contact details |motivations. |
|Arising conflicts between |High |Med-High |Leader should analyse each individual and address the issues in group meetings. Understand |Break down of team and lack progress and quality of |
|members | | |everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and build a solution to every problem. |report. |
|Lack of commitment from certain |Med |High |Have regular meetings with