Risk Assessment Findings Essay

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Report on findings of Risk Assessment.

Water spillage
In my opinion the “clean if seen” control is working. Everyone is responsible for not only their own work area but if they see a wet surface no matter what it may be then I think they should wipe/mop it up to prevent not only slipping and an accident but to also protect the under floor sockets. If measures were not in place for this then there could be a serious accident by way of slipping or a fatal electrical accident.

Exposed wires
I felt that this hazard could have been controlled in a better way. There are under floor sockets and wiring that were exposed because people using the facilities were not replacing the protective covers when they had finished using them. Everyone is responsible for this as it could cause a fatality within the centre and I feel if this isn’t controlled better then it is an accident waiting to happen. This risk could be controlled / reduced by regular spot checks or by having a designated person (job role) to check all covers are safely and securely fixed if sockets are not in use.

Broken window
During my time there I saw 2 broken panes of glass in different areas of the building. When I pointed these out to staff they did tell me that they knew about them. It was brought to my attention that the caretaker has reported the broken glass and it in the process of being fixed, we were there a week and they were still broken one of which was loosely covered with card and tape! I can only surmise that if measures were not in place to make the area safe then