Risk Management Paper

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Risk Management

November, 13 2013

The purpose of this paper is to identify 5 potential risks for a new project that would involve developing an information system that would allow all employees and students/customers to access and maintain their own human resources-related information, such as address, marital status, tax information, and so on.

New technology
This will probably be the project manager’s hardest part. You are subject a new concept or a change in their comfort zone for some. This project will change the way people handle things dealing with editing and creating personal information. There is some sense of security that has to be met for people to trust and use especially older individuals who believe in doing things personal. The project Manager should make sure that the HR staff is fully trained to walk any individual thru all steps and make sure there is enough security in place in the current infrastructure..
Poor cost estimate It is a project that related to college’s information system construction, thus there would be a complex project consisted by several parts, such as students, teaching staffs or customers. The size of this system maybe vary during the project, also the estimate cost of this project cannot be certain.
The project manager should take care of every step of the project and define the scope of the project as accurate as possible.
Poor time estimate
This project covers whole college; all the people related to this college should be considered in. And this system is designed for college, so, the project should be done on time. But there are too many unexpected instances and constrains, such as fixed project cost, fixed number of project members, also too many inter-related schools in the college, the system should be designed in a reasonable structure.
The manager should monitor every procedure of the project in order to make sure each part of project can be done on time. And furthermore, some additional cost should be considered when it is urgent to finish some parts of project to match the time plan.
Low participation
After the system rolls out, at least 90 percent of all the users should be register in the new system. But college is not like the company, there