Risk: Management and Employee Satisfaction Essay

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2-7-2013 The United States Postal Service is an independent agency of the US Government. It was established in 1775 and one of the uncommon organizations that is authorized by the Constitution. The Postal Service generates its revenue from the growth of the economy and upsurge in mail volume and shipping needs. (Evans, 2011). Postal Service leads to the creation of Customer, the management cycle (Evans, 2011). The management cycle created three strategic goals called “voices”. The three “voices” are the Voice of the Employee, the Voice of the Business, and the Voice of the Customer.

In analyzing the key issues according to the case study. The advantages and disadvantages of the balance scorecard approach are used to measure the strategic goals and areas of the interest which are The “Voice of the employee (VOE)” one of the strategic areas of focus is deemed from past issues in the workplace. The VOE places the highlighting on providing safety and security in the workplace and improving employee relations. According to the textbook, “examiners have recurrence behavior due to employee and customer satisfaction. When services worker satisfaction is high, customer services satisfactions high, and when job satisfaction is low customer satisfaction is low.” (Evans, 2011) Exploiting the balance scorecard approach the USPS evaluated the VOE by measuring safety based on the requirements of the occupational safety. Employee satisfaction is measured by employee surveys, which are conducted annually, but they are trace on a monthly origin according to each unit. USPS recognized that they must improve employee satisfaction in order to improve the internal and external observation due to employee satisfaction. The organization must improvise professional training to their employees in order for the employees to give better service to the customers.

The second component of balanced scorecard was the “Voice of Busies (VOB)” which focused on the productivity. The VOB is separated into two areas, which are exemplified through measuring productivity and revenue generation. The internal process is conduct to improve employee satisfaction. Finally, The VOC is a term to define the depth of the process of capturing a customer expectation partialities and antipathies. The USPS strategy was alignment of three strategies’, which lead to increase productivity to keep rates low and maintain rapid delivery. And thirdly, The Voice of Customer (VOC) focused on providing timely and reliable delivery. In order to