Risk Management and Service User Essay

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Unit 69: Support individuals to live at home
1.1 Describe how being supported to live at home can benefit an individual.
Living at home can benefit an individual because it will promote their independence, they will be able to do their own things, be in control of their daily routine and be more confident. As support worker we play a big role in their lives, most of the time we are supporting them in their homes and we support them in what they can’t do for themselves, also we show them how they can be independent, as some service user might thing because they have such disability they can’t look after themselves and we prove to them that they are well capable to do certain things. This is very important because the service user will feel that someone cares for them and help them to maintain independence and freedom. Also being supported at home the service user will be able to have friends and family around at any time they want, and if they leave in the care or residential home they may not get as many visitors as the family and friends may feel uncomfortable in that environment and the family and friends may be busy during the visiting hours.

1.2 Compare the roles of people and agencies who may be needed to support an individual to live at home

I have some service users which live independently in their own homes, but sometimes can be difficult without support and by receiving help from other people and services if very important for them to maintain an independent life. That is why there is a wide range of assistance available for them in order to help them in whatever their needs are.

Care worker: myself and all colleagues as support workers in Lambeth Mencap we are the front line staff, and we provide care for those who have direct care needs. We have a variety of duties as will depend on who we are working with. Assisting with eating, washing and dressing are some of the responsibilities we have for the service user. Also we have to provide interesting activities for the service user which will make their life more enjoyable, and we also help service users to live as independently as possible.

Social worker: social worker support service users by assessing their needs and wishes in order to provide them with a better life and support them to get what will help them to live in their own home. Also social worker will guide the service user with the benefits they are entitle too such as disability living allowance, housing benefits, council tax benefit etc. Also social worker will help them with any problem they have in the house.

Occupational therapist: they will work with people who need care and support such as mental health, learning disabilities, care management, equipment for daily living and housing. Occupational therapist work with people to overcome the effects of their disability, and assess what treatment or equipment is needed to increase their independence. This could be physical treatment to improve their mobility or advising on equipment they need or the design of people’s house. For example, they would give advice to housing department for a person who uses a wheelchair.

General Practitioners: they recognise when a vulnerable adult is potentially in need of extra help or services to promote their health and development or if the service user is at risk of harm. The new service user I support came from Portugal with his mother and they went to the GP where they had advice and help and got referral to social worker, and because they did not speak any English and GP helped a lot, because if they did not go there, it would take longer for them to get a referral to social service. GP also should alert other department if they thing that person is suffering any kind of abuse.

1.3 Explain the importance of providing information about benefits, allowances and financial planning which could support individuals to live at home The importance of providing information in order to support individual