Risk Management Process

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Risk management Process: Altex Corporation
Brandon Ellison
BUS 697
Dr. Shawn Milligan

1. where is your introduction?
[Shawn Milligan]


2. All assignments in this class are academic papers and should include introduction, conclusions, thesis statements, and conceptual headers.
Academic papers allow you to demonstrate that you can write clearly and think critically. Question and
Answer do not show these skills. [Shawn Milligan]




Why a risk management plan was considered unnecessary?

Risk management process can be considered unnecessary at times (Viscione, 2012).
Though, this is a bit risky as the process is very important in any project. The need for the risk management process is to prevent the future risks that could affect this project. The risk management process involves the identification, analyzing, the planning and the control of the potential risks. The risk was considered unnecessary due to various reasons. One, it would be an

1. Do the companies need to ask for a risk management proposal? I believe risk management should be taken into account when putting together the bid. If you the bidder does not know the risks, how can they adequately plan for how these risks will affect their budget, timeline, and scope? For example, if you are building a bridge, you will want to make sure to include money for traffic control personnel and extra time and money for weather related issues, this is done at part of the risk management plan. [Shawn

added cost to the organization that was not accounted for and two; it was not on the part of the contractual statement of work.
Should risk management planning be performed in the proposal stage or after contract award, assuming that it must be done?

Management plan is very important to the organization. It should be done on time so as to ensure that the organization is well managed effectively. Risk management is central to the



issues o planning in the long run. We have reasons as to why this timing should be properly



timed. One, risk management is pro active. They should hence be performed in the proposal

2. There are issues with your paper that you should have caught if you had read your paper out loud or used
Natural Reader.
Natural Reader: http://www.naturalreaders.co m/ Natural Reader is a free text-to-speech software.
Students are always amazed
(and often a bit horrified) at the number of writing errors they hear when the Natural
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rather than after the contract award. This is because they are more useful while performed at the proposal stage rather and less useful while performed after the contract award (McMullen, 2013).

3. on time what is on time? When should it be done? [Shawn Milligan]


Managers should hence initiate risk management planning at the proposal stage for them to be

4. o wrong word [Shawn Milligan]

more useful to the organization.
Does the customer have the right to expect the contractor to perform risk analysis and develop a risk management plan if it is not called out as part of the contractual statement of work?

6. have reasons as to why this timing should be properly this sentence does not say anything.... [Shawn Milligan]
7. They
Company Pronouns When referring to an entity (like a company, government agency, or a country), use the pronouns “that” or “it.” Entities are not people, so it is incorrect to use “who” or “they” or "their" when referring to them. If using "it" and "that" sounds awkward rewrite the sentence and use the entities name instead. For additional information see:

http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/is-it-%E2%80%9Cacompany-who%E2%80%9D-or-%E2%80%9Ca-companythat%E2%80%9D#sthash.5cX7HRH1.dpuf [Shawn Milligan]
8. timed.
Vary your word choice to avoid redundant words and phrases. [Shawn
9. active. They should

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