Risk Management and Warehouse Building Project Essay

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Warehouse Building Project 1

Warehouse Building Project

Warehouse Building Project 2 After close review of everything that you would like me and my company to do for you and your company we have come up with the following information and data for you. Having an import export business takes careful planning, reliable suppliers and great line of communication between everyone involved in the company. I have received your list of items you would like to have covered and our companies help to figure out whom to help you and your business run smoothly. The following is per our conversation. Develop requirements for the warehouse design and to provide an organization structure to manage the warehouse in Australia,
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This is referred to as a "May Proceed Notice," and indicates that the shipment may proceed without further FDA examination. In the ACS/OASIS process this may occur as a result of the initial FDA/OASIS screening prior to the information being forwarded to the district office, or after the district performs an "On-Screen-Review" of the information provided. (Note: Should the article, at a later time, be found in violation of the law, FDA is not prevented from taking legal action (e.g., seizure, injunction) because it allowed admission of the article without examination at the time of importation.) If FDA requests an examination or sample, FDA will notify CBP and the broker or filer, importer, or other designated parties through the electronic entry system or other form of notification (e.g., Notice of FDA Action) of its intent to sample, requesting the relevant party to hold the entry. FDA will indicate the specific articles to be sampled.” (FDA 3)
Knowing and being aware of all items that are being imported, I would have the US FDA check and preapprove all items coming in to the US ports as not to hold on any shipments in the future to insure proper deliver to your companies in the US. I believe that making sure you an import all needed goods to suppliers in the US is a must being that this is a very large market and need to be on top of all deliverers in a timely manner as to be able to compete with other business.