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This assignment will critically evaluate theories of risk, and consider the approaches to practice for the role of a local authority social worker in the identification, assessment and management of risk of social work with children, young people and families. There will be consideration given to the impact of social work practice on service users and carers including my understanding of anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.

The idiom ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ is a definitive climax of the dilemmas that social workers are faced with daily within their professional role. It could be argued that in reference to the culmination of tragedies reported by the media, more prevalently in the death of
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Example of the artefact approach is derived through public campaigning and is concerned with the correction of poor risk choices, such as drug taking, drink-driving, and alcohol abuse in an effort to inform individual risk decisions. However it could be argued that individuals do not wake up and choose to take drugs or abuse alcohol, in practice social workers tend to intervene with individuals who have substance misuse issues due to having low self-esteem, through relationship break ups, the loss of job or as a result of grief from experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Furthermore this came at a period referred to as modernity which is closely associated with the French Revolution of 1789, which introduced a new democratic thinking, that people now had a voice.
The concept of ‘citizenship’ and ideas about ‘individualism’ began to stimulate people to take responsibility for their own lives (Parton, 1998) This then roused questions in people’s minds about how to gain control of complex and global risks. For example unemployment was difficult to control due to multinational organisation working, where people and job resources move, and therefore shifting capital from one country to another. This was a period dominated by ‘Risk Domination’ an example of this more recently is the banking crisis. Despite living in a society consumed by risk, it is important to note people are risk takers, and risk can change overtime, what maybe a risk today