Rite Aid Essay

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Rite Aid Corporation (Case 22) The following is a general environmental analysis of the Rite Aid the business sector of the retail pharmacy industry, with an analysis of Rite Aid. The first section of this report will cover an overview of the trends in technology demographics, economics, political/legal, and social/cultural-global. The second section of this report will cover porter’s five forces, Competitive analysis, internal analysis and alternative strategies. Technology: Smartphones has made our life easier. We can use internet wherever we are. For the growing ranks of on-the-go shoppers who carry mobile smartphones, Rite Aid has launched an official mobile app offering one-click prescription refill scanning, locations and …show more content…
* Power of buyer (High): Buyer power is high. Buyers may easily choose between other pharmacy companies. Buyer (consumers) will go to those stores where they can find low price medications and any other thing. Thus, whenever potential buyer feels that his/her needs won’t be satisfy, he/she can easily switch to competitors. Competitor Analysis: Rite Aid is facing competitions from within the drug retailing industry. Rite Aid is also facing competition from Walgreen and CVS in US because both companies are major player in drug store retailing industry. Walgreen is the largest drug store in North America. Walgreen provide his pharmacy customers with high quality drugs at low prices. Walgreen manufacture his own line popular drug products. Walgreen has rapidly expanded into this market and it has over 7,500 stores across the US supporting specialty pharmacy, home infusion services, and as well as drug store pharmacy need. CVS is also a biggest company in drug store retelling industry. CVS has over 7,000 pharmacy stores today. CVS also expanded internally by opening small health and beauty aid stores in shopping malls. CVS continues to spread its operation by now offering mail-order pharmacy and in store clinic service. CVS provides clinic services nationwide under the MinuteClinic brand name. Internal Analysis: