Rite of Passage Essay

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Waldo the water droplet was about to have his rite of passage but first he needed to complete the … Hydrological Cycle Challenge. It was a task where death has a greater chance of occurring than survival. For this task he has to take the four different cycles, each starting and ending with him in the Mother Cloud. If he backs out he will be shunned by his family and all the other water droplets in the world for the rest of his life (which will be for eternity, unless he dies). If he manages to complete this dangerous challenge he will become a Hydro Man from the lowly rank he is now, which is a Hydro Boy and if he doesn’t complete the task it means he is dead! Into the trees (5 hours) Waldo took a deep breath has he braced himself for his first challenge. He knew this was the easiest task but he was still very, very nervous. Then all over a sudden he started feeling very cold and increasingly heavy. Condensation (the change from gas to liquid as it is cooled) was already happening. After short time of almost freezing to death, with chattering teeth and constant shivers down his back, he started to fall. Uncontrollably, he plummeted thousands and thousands of feet (6, 500 feet to be exact as he was on a low cloud). He couldn’t help screaming “HHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP”, as he closed readying for impact. Cautiously, he opened one eye after a few seconds of feeling himself bob up and down, yet feeling no impact. Quickly, he opened both eyes as he smiled to himself. He had just experienced the process of Interception (when tree and other vegetation catch rain before it can reach the ground) as he probably landed in a forest or a jungle; he wasn’t too sure which one it was as he was not very smart. Then, after a long while of bopping up and down, he started to feel intensely hot and ridiculously light, as he was in the process of Evapotranspiration (evaporating from trees and other vegetation). When he finished turning into water vapour he felt himself float up gently as he returned to the Mother Cloud. He had just completed his first cycle. “Only three more to go,” he happily whispered to himself “Only three more.” Over the land (6 days) “Well done!” exclaimed Waldo’s dad Willdo. “You have completed the first challenge so now you only have three more!” “Thanks dad!” replied Waldo “Gotta Go!” All of a sudden Waldo was condensing again and falling thousands and thousands of feet towards the floor. He knew what was going to happen so he was prepared. Or at least he thought so... THUD! “OOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!” he cried as crashed with intense force onto solid concrete as he was in a busy city with cars, buildings and people everywhere. He was in an enormous amount of pain and he was paralysed, but it didn’t matter as gravity was moving him down the steep hill he landed on (Overland Flow). After a long time of swerving, swishing and dodging, he finally reached the welcoming sea as he met up with his friends. After a while he Evaporated (Changed from liquid to gas). He finished his second task. He had two more terrifying and life threatening task to go. Two more. Through the soil (5 weeks) To get his work done quickly Waldo didn’t meet up with any of his family instead started condensing instantly after reaching the Mother Cloud. Fortunately, instead of landing on hard concrete Waldo landed on soft soil after freefalling down towards the countryside. “Eeeeeewwwww!