Ritter EA Framwork Research Paper

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Calvin Ritter
IFSM 311: Enterprise Architecture and Systems
EA Framework Research Paper

An Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) provides principles and practices for creating and using the architecture description of a system. Frameworks are used to help organizations answer specific question. Enterprise Architecture framework importance is de-emphasized deliberately sometimes. Without a framework though, it is impossible to have foreseeable and repeatable outcomes. There are many EA frameworks out there. However, the four leading ones are The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture, The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOFAF), Federal Enterprise Architecture, and Gartner Enterprise
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This doesn’t have to be the case, you can in fact start in any cell and then iterate from there. The Zachman Framework appears to be biased towards traditional, data-centric techniques. Although the Zachman Framework provides a perfect tool for classification of artifacts and delegation of responsibilities, it fails to provide any step-by-step process for building the reference model and Enterprise Architecture. The Zachman Framework is a generic framework and does not add value to the business objectives. For businesses, cost is one of the major decision-making factors, the framework fails to address this. The Zachman Framework also lacks the agility to handle the rapid changes happen in the Enterprise world by them going global.

Examples of Zachman Framework in Use
Throughout the years the Zachman framework has been use by numerous companies. The Department of Veteran affairs used the Zachman Framework to develop and maintain its One-VA Enterprise Architecture in 2001. This methodology required defining all aspects of the VA enterprise from a business process, data, technical, and location, personnel, and requirements perspective. Other companies company that used the Zachman framework is Federal Express, Johnson and Johnson, and Sprint to name a few. Department of Defense also used the