River Valley Chart Essay example

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Rivers: Around which rivers were these civilizations based?
1. Tigris river.
2. Euphrates river.
1. Nile river.
1. Indus River.
1. Huang (yellow) river.
Geographical Advantages
1. Fertile soil.

1. Fertile land by the river.

1. Fertile soil because of changing river course.

1. Ocean, desert, high mountains, isolated China.

Geographical Disadvantages
1. Unpredictable flooding.
2. Dry summer months.
1. Flooding.

1. Unpredictable rivers.
2. Strong winds and monsoons.
1. Isolated geographically, cut off from trade.

Type of Government: Describe the form of government including the type of ruler each civilization had
1. King claimed divine authority and the government regulated religion.
1. Provided a court system in the interests of justice.

1. Complexity of coordinating irrigation along the Nile suggests more government control.

1. Ruling class – evidence from the well-fortified citadels.
2. Powerful priestly class which ruled from the citadels.
1. Hereditary rulers or dynasties with power based on the ancestors and gods.
2. Ruled by strong kings – seen as an intermediary between the supreme being and ordinary mortals.
Religious Beliefs: Describe the overall religion as well as list any specific religions of the civilization and a brief identification for each
1. Priests conducted complex rituals within ziggurats.
2. Ziggurats are massive towers or pyramids usually associated with temple complexes; first monumental architecture of the civilization.
3. Polytheistic; saw gods in many aspects of nature.
1. Polytheistic and believed in the afterlife based on deeds while alive.
2. Mother goddesses appear to have been objects of worship for common people.
1. Religious statues and