What Is Which Value System Or Systems Relate To?

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Which value system or systems discussed in the text do you most relate to.
Ellen Collins
PSY/265 Psychology of Human Sexuality
Lauren Klatzker

Which value system or systems discussed in the text do you most relate to.
My value system was Catholic believe, and my parents had nine children I believed in the belief system of the Catholic. I did not date to I was 17 years old I was married at age 19 , I was tat that you didn't get a divorce you stay married no matter what even if he is abusive to you or your children. My believe have changed after I was married I did not want nine children I was ok with 1 or 2 children I did not want to end up like my mother after nine children being tired and sick. I believe in abortions when the mother or the child is in distress or after Rape and Incest, personally I don’t think I cute go true with an abortion. For many years I have tried to have a child and the doctors told me that I need to adopt a child after giving up of having a child at the age of 36 years old I had my miracle, my son. After two marriages not working out for me I’m a single and happy women, if I do find love it needs be for me that I feel secure wanted, and have an equal partnership without abuse this are thing that are crucial to me he needs to except my son and chow him love and understanding. We need to be having a communicating relationship and be sincere to one another. Without emotional commitment and sincerity you have no