Questions On Psychology

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1) What is thinking? PG 4
A purposeful mental activity over which we have some control
2) Read email- Reasoning sound or unsound?
b) unsound
3) John and Zorab scenario-
a) Production
b) judgment
c) Concentration
d) Frustration
4) Ways of knowing- PG 30-31
a) Experience
b) Observation
c) Report
5) Sarah has a weight problem. The DR. advised but a diet won’t help.
a) Free Will
b) Conditioning
c) Not determined
d) Logical
6) Memory is-
a) Easily manipulated
b) Never accepted
c) Video tape
7) Car buying scenario- PG 34
a) John is an expression of judgment
b) Jane is an expression of judgment
c) John is not an expert
d) Neither
8) Sales research of color of cars- PG 33-34
a) Expression of taste
b) Expression of judgment
c) Neither
d) Both
9) Civic Narratives are- PG 126-127
a) Simple Issues
b) Complex Issue
c) Problem
d) Puzzle
10) Cause and effect relationships- PGS 34-39
a) One event can be in effect w/o causal
b) Force or necessary
c) Free will has no effect
d) Never complex
11) Susan buys a hotrod (car) - example of: PG 54-60
a) Mine is better
b) Face saving
c) Resistance to change
d) Self-deception
12) Moral judgment – ethical system PG 40-43
a) Civil Law
b) Ideas
c) No considerations
d) Clear consequences
13) John at school-which thinking habit? PG 54-60
a) Conformity
b) Stereotype
c) Self deception
d) Face saving
14) Which is not a myth?
a) Doing your own thing creatively
b) Smart and talented
c) Not like other people
d) ? (missed this one!)
15) Problems & Issues- which is a problem? PG 126
a) School violence increases
b) Obesity on the rise
c) Eric has a flat tire
d) Not enough Americans receive college education
16) Taste vs. Judgment- which is a judgment PG 69-70
a) Sue wears a blue navy suit
b) John bought corner lot after doing research
c) Jane dresses trendy
d) Mike won’t shop at discount stores because he heard they have poor quality products
17) Statements that represent an issue- PG 127-129
a) Unemployment figures are too high
b) Rent went up and you have to move
c) ?
d) You got a ticket because you can’t afford to license your car PG 139-140
18) Most unreliable
a) Unpublished report
b) Published report
c) Expert
d) Eyewitness
19) Surveys- not true PG 142
a) Representative sample
b) Population base
c) Quantifying information
d) Questions should be clear and unbiased
20) Observational study PG 142
a) Mailing surveys
b) Recording staff with customers
c) Reading articles
d) Watching a documentary to gain background knowledge
21) Literature reviews- negative aspect PG 142-143
a) Can show broad
b) In-depth analysis
c) Allow comparison
d) May leave out certain perspectives
22) Lab & field exceptions PG 141
a) Controlled
b) Measure variable
c) Both results are to be trusted
d) Can test multiple variables
23) Terms- NOT necessary PG 163-165
a) Applying free association
b) Developing analogies
c) Eliminating possibilities
d) Finding solution
24) Which is NOT an obstacle? PG 168-169
a) Thinkers block
b) ?
c) Inflexibility
d) Clarity
25) Sorry I missed this whole question!!
26) 2 types of experiments- Lab & field- Which negative aspect is right? PG 141
a) Labs are in a controlled environment
b) May test more than one hypothesis
c) Shows a more accurate cause and effect
d) Researcher can influence
27) Sorry I missed this whole question!!
28) Which assumption is unreasonable? PG 185-186
a) Johns computer program- Since his teacher