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Registered Nurse: How to obtain employment It’s early in the day, about five thirty am. Olga Acevedo brews herself a hot cup of coffee, and gets dressed in her scrubs. Olga must drive to the hospital, arrive on time, and have enough energy to get her through a stressful twelve hours of work. Once in the hospital, Olga must do a report of on the patients she is caring for. Olga now runs diagnostics to make sure the patients are receiving the correct medications in their intravenous feed. Olga cannot crack under the fast paced pressure, and must be emotionally stable.
That is the life of a registered nurse working in a hospital. A nurse can work anywhere from a hospital, nursing home, mental institutions, and other facilities. A registered nurse is in charge of making sure that all the patients are receiving the care they need. It is crucial that the patients are constantly monitored to ensure their safety. Managing time is important due to all the tasks a nurse performs during his or her shift. Once knowing anatomy, science, and knowing how to implement it into the work place is what nursing is all about. Also, earning at least an associate’s degree in nursing, taking initiative, being passionate about the job, willing to sacrifice time, are the small things one must do to consider themselves hired for the job.
Elaborating on that, academically, nursing is focused on science and anatomy. In order to perform well, one must know anatomy in order to understand what is troubling a patient and why. The minimum of formal education one needs is an associate’s degree in nursing. But, recently hospitals are insisting magnet status, which means that hospitals prefer someone with a bachelor’s of science in nursing. It is extremely important to do well during clinicals. Being a student during clinicals, managers are watching how the work is being done by the student, and are already considering hiring him or her. Doing whatever it takes to become proficient during clinicals will make one look interested for the job.
In addition, one must show they are passionate and stress tolerant. Many people consider nursing as a career because of the pay, but that certainly will not help you with getting hired. In order to be successful in being hire, one needs to be passionate about nursing. Nursing means to care and to love what they are doing. (Without having passion for nursing one might want to consider changing their major to something different.) The job is stressful, because of the many patients that need to be taken care of. In the stressful environment one must try to stay calm in order to provide outstanding service.
In regards to that, it is important to be emotionally strong, and compassionate. It may seem that nursing is just about caring for patients, but nursing can have a heavy emotional impact on someone. While on the job, one can become attached to their patients, but unfortunately, they may pass away from terminal illness. As a nurse one can become upset on the job, but must learn to find strength to overcome that feeling in order to continue working effectively. When a patient passes away, the news must be told to their families, so one must understand what the family is going through. When telling the family, they must sound compassionate, and try to comfort the family no matter…