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Competency Differences Between RNs Prepared at ADN Versus BSN Level

Grand Canyon: Professional Dynamics NRS-430V January 4, 2013

Competency Differences Between RNs Prepared at ADN Versus BSN Level
Nursing education in the United States offers many levels of competency falling under the licensed title of registered nurse (RN). These levels offered in a continuum, begin with nursing as a vocation in the form of licensed practical/vocational nurse (LPN/LVN) followed by an associate degree (ADN), baccalaureate of science degree (BSN), masters of science degree (MSN) and doctorate. All have curriculums that build upon the previous designation in hopes of creating a highly
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Beginning with the ADN, I believe she would be successful at contacting a home health agency to provide wound care and visits for dressing changes. She would be able to arrange for transportation home and be of assistance in helping the patient to schedule a physician office visit. I’m not sure due to a lack of education in public health awareness that the ADN would be capable of a broader assessment that would take the spouse, the home environment, other caregivers, or other options for care outside the home. I believe the Diploma RN would have taken a broader approach to the assessment to include the spouse, home, caregivers and alternative care options, but I think the diploma RN would be limited by her lack of theory and knowledge of research outcomes to be able to extrapolate that into more advanced thinking regarding the best alternatives for wound management and care of a wound vacuum within the home of two elderly people, one of which is dependent on the other for ADL’s. The BSN having an appreciation for evidenced-based outcomes has recently read a study advocating that wound healing is impacted by dressing changes, wound vacuum care and observations performed by specially trained wound RN’s. The BSN, knowing this, either advocates for a skilled care center or home health agency that offers wound RN consultations, thus assuring that her patient has a better chance of healing without complications. The BSN’s critical thinking skills