Roach Squashes Man Essay

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Roach Squashes Man
Tons of people have died of insects like spiders and dangerous bugs. I have always dreamed of following their footsteps, to be an insect that killed a human being. They are brave soldiers, hunters and assassins that have marked their kind on the newspaper. I will be the next to make my kind proud, but unfortunately I am a cockroach. Every time I tell some of my cockroach friends my dream, they laugh and cry with tears of joy. I do not want to be a comedian. For centuries, cockroaches have been barely escaping from the human kind. I guess they just lost their sense of bravery. Why couldn’t I be a tarantula, hornet or a wasp? As I slowly the crack in the wall that leads to a kitchen, I heard another cockroach scream and shout for help. I quickly climbed a chair while trying to find the scared voice. As I slowly approached at the top of the chair, I stopped. What I saw was unforgettable. It was horrible. I saw a cockroach’s legs pulled apart from the body by a human boy. It developed a strong feeling of revenge. When I tried to approach the cockroach, everything became dark. I looked up and saw the boy looking at me. Before making any rational decisions, he screamed “BOO!” Without any hesitations I ran as quickly as possible to the nearest crack, but he caught me. I was locked up in the invisible barrier with some other cockroaches. I thought he was going to kill be but it seems like he was taking me somewhere. No one knew where we were going. We finally stopped at a location called Ben Siegel Reptile Store which I assumed was our destination. While the boy was bringing us in, I saw cages and tanks full of animals like snakes, worms, and more. He dropped us in a tank full of cockroaches. When I landed, I quickly asked why we were doing here and one of the cockroaches replied with a terrified voice “to be killed”. There were no movements our sounds in the tank. “There were a table full bowls of bugs and people eating them” he continued. Before I could say anything, the whole tank was immediately picked up to the table of death. I saw men having super worms for the appetizer, mealworms for the starter and we were the main course. I guess my life was not flashing in front of my eyes because I accomplished nothing. After, we were poured into separate bowls and my bowl was given to a guy. His badge said Edward Arc something. There was mealworm goo covering the rest what I thought was his name. While the slowly pours the bowl I was in, I saw in his were fear and death. I decided to let go of the revenge and become one with Mother Nature. Before entering his stomach, everything was sideways like he fell down. In the end, I died horribly in stomach acid and I finally full filled my dream. What I thought was my death, was my destiny.