Road Not Taken Thesis

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"The Road Not Taken" written by Robert Frost is about the journey of life. Individuality plays a huge role in this poem because, sometimes in life, individuals have to make momentous decisions that will affect the future, or either make propitious selections or regret those decisions.

Thesis: Don't entrust your future on others' hands, rather make decisions by yourself with the help of God's guidance.

In the first stanza of the poem, Frost decided to portray his message by using two paths as a symbol of a life decision. The first stanza brings into the spotlight the circumstance present. While strolling on an autumn day in a forest where the leaves have changed to yellow, he is halted where "Two roads diverged," (Line 1) representing the
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It is simply a choice between one path and another. After a moment, he presumes that both roads are just as worn, however the chosen road was the less traveled. Since he had taken a gander at the road that was “bent in the undergrowth,” (Line 5) his choice was to take the other path, which had fewer individuals and activity. In any case, the speaker keeps on saying that both roads were also worn; however the second one, which he took, appeared to be less traveled. He says they were not the same precisely but rather "about the same." (Line 10) The problem is when he pondered with his decision, the more confused and stuck he felt. Attempting to predict the future is an impossible task; regardless of how certain he felt about his desired outcome. Life is too unpredictable to know with certainty that the decision made is the right one. Ultimately, any choice involves a leap of faith.

third stanza – The third stanza is a continuation of the portrayal of the roads. For instance, the speaker saw leaves covering both paths similarly. Nobody at the beginning of that day had taken either path, for the leaves lie undisturbed. Yet, the speaker demanded to keep “the first for another day,”(Line 13) and the speaker stays focused on his choice to
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The title of the poem alludes that people will be faced with millions of paths in a lifetime, leading to different opportunities and potential consequences. There’s no guarantee, but there is no need for one. Uncertainty is part of the adventure of life. Once a new adventure starts, moving forward is a big step, where there is something good to be learned on every path followed. The poet wanted to delineate that once an individual takes after a specific route, that no pressure will be weighted on the shoulders and there is no looking back. The speaker’s inner wisdom and intuition rised to the conscious mind when his mind stopped over-thinking the