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Road rage: violent anger caused by the stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle in difficult conditions.
Road rage has been a big problem for a while now; with teenagers behind the wheel it’s even scarier because most teenagers have no filter with their words. They act by impulse and curse out the next driver because they feel the need to scream at someone else to get out the way or whatever the case may be. According to “Teen road rage is fairly prevalent -- a survey conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that 55 percent of teens had witnessed road rage in one of their peers. It's risky behaviour that could result in losing privileges, injury and even death.”
It is important that we as teens are taught to deal with our emotions in the road to avoid negative consequences of road rage. Losing control of one's emotions on the road can have dire consequences. People who experience road rage can allow feelings of anger to affect their behaviour behind the wheel, driving aggressively or making poor choices.
According to some states have laws against aggressive driving. If a driver is being stopped for two or more offenses at the same time, such as speeding and illegal lane change, and/or tailgating, he can be given an additional fine for aggressive driving. Unfortunately, the law is only as good as its enforcement, and there never seems to be a cop around when you really need one.