Road to Japanese Wwii Essay

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Road to War.
The transformation of Japan from traditional feudal society to an industrial power in Asia in just years, but Japanese government had no intent to stop at the technical advances. The government of Japan had another ambition to dominate Asia. There were many reasons why the Japanese government wanted to go to war against the United States, Russia, China and British.
The first reason why Japanese government wanted to go to war is because of the socio- political consequence that causes the mishandling of resumption of gold standards, causing export to shrink. According to the Depression Crisis and Responses: “ the Zaibatsu bank dumping yen for dollars and then once the Japanese government goes back to gold standards yen, yen gets devalue to half of a dollar and the banks doubled their money by repurchasing back yens. This doubled the banker’s money in just one year (p.182, the Depression Crisis and Reponses). By doing this the bank are happy but leaves the economy in turmoil. The Japanese people belief that capitalists is greedy and selfish; while they were profiting from a country that was in depression. This led to the assassination of Prime Minister Hamaguchi and the finance minister Inoue and many important figure heads in Japan.
The second reason is a series of incident occurred in Manchuria. The colonel Ishiwara, Kwantung army’s operation offers belief that there is going to be a final war with the United States, and Manchuria is going to be a strategic importance in the war because of its mineral resource farm land for migration. Taking over Manchuria was against the wishes of the Japanese government the soldiers told themselves it’s a sacred mission that has to be carried out by the army to free china from it the westerners. The sacred mission also included the assassination of Marshall Zhang and 9-18-1931 incident of bombing the railway as pretext taking over Manchuria. Back in Japan people were celebrating the victory of taking over Manchuria, there were songs, newsreels and newspapers saying how great japan is and cheering for Manchuria as the new crown jewel of Japanese empire. Meanwhile in china there was another incident occurred with Japanese and Chinese troops outside Peking, China which led to war in China. Most of the china eventually gets taken by the Japanese army. Shanghai and Nanjing which was Chinese last defense fallen to Japanese in 1938. Japanese killed more than 300 thousand Chinese in more than a month. The Chinese eventually fought back and as two divided them the KMT and the CCP.
By now Japanese is already in war with most of the Asia country, but Japanese government doesn’t feel safe the sleepy giant in the west the United States. The Navel government sends messages to agent Yoshikawa in September, 24, 1941 at Pearl Harbor asking him to track all the naval movement of American ships. On December, 7, 1941 Japanese launches an attack on the American fleet in Pearl Harbor. The attack lasted for two hours and the Japanese pilots damages American battle ships and killed 2,400 American’s. President Roosevelt declared war against the Japanese and Nazi Germany. Meanwhile back in japan the news traveled with their successful attack on United States Pearl harbor. The Japanese people supported what the Japanese government is doing and are willing to fight till the death for their country.
The World War II has started with the allies being United States, Russia and British and the Axis being Nazi Germany, and Japan. Japanese government told its own people that the war was for liberate Asia from the western tyrants. That the soldiers should