Road Traffic in Egypt versus U.S. Essay

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As a person who has a driving license from Egypt as well as from the U.S. Traffic system, which supposed as an international system, means to me traffic lights, road lanes, signals. In addition, how people deal with it. From my experience, it differs from one country to another. I am going to highlight the differences between U.S and Egypt in terms of driver's behaviors, police reaction and road maintenance. In Egypt, the drivers' behavior differ from U.S in terms of speed limits, road signs' obedience and the dealing with pedestrians. There is neither respect for the speed limits on highways nor in interior Streets. Egyptians are always in a hurry and passing another car from the right side is very normal. They rarely make use of converting signals from lane to another. For example, when the driver wants to move from the right lane to left one, instead of giving a yellow signal he jumps to lane without signaling. I cannot remember seeing a driver stopping his car when there is a stop sign. Nobody should be surprised when Egyptians drive in the wrong side on the highway speeding! Pedestrians are the main victims. They even suffer when they want to cross the street because they do not have a chance to cross safely. On the other hand, American driver's behavior is more civilized. In general, they show respect for all kinds of traffic signals. For example, they stop when there is a red light and stop signs. When U.S drivers' need to convert their direction from left to right, they give the yellow signal and watch the road until it is clear to move. In addition, what I liked very much is there high attention to bus schools. Moreover, they adhere to speed limits, and they give way to pedestrians. We should not be surprised that the rate of traffic accidents in Egypt is 13.2 deaths per 100.000 population, according to World Health Organization statics while only 11.6 with the U.S.A. In Egypt, when we have a car accident, the first reaction from the drivers is starting to shout at each other. Each one pretends he is not wrong. In some cases, this shouting extend to a body language when they start slapping, boxing, and even wrestling. Therefore, we can say we will have a free show of boxing and wrestling. Egyptian Police reaction is so slow and late. Rarely, they are at the location of the accident unless it is great one or receiving heavy calls. Cops patrol is not as many as in the United States and indeed, it is not active. When Egyptian drivers break traffic laws, the police is not treating everyone equally. It depends on the relationships between them. If he knows the driver, he will be on his side. In contrast, In U.S I have not seen fighting between two drivers when they have an accident. I think that for several reasons. First, there is a