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1. There were 5 main reasons as to why Germany wanted to break the chains of the Versailles treaty. The 1st was that the allied troops occupied the Rhineland. This was the Western part of Germany that was occupied by the allies for 15 years and Germany couldn’t have military in this area. The 2nd reason was that Germany had to give Alsace Lorane back to France. The 3rd reason was that Germany had a small army. They were no longer allowed to have offensive weapons like tanks, planes, and ships. The 4th reason was that the Germans lost Sarr which was a state in Western Germany with coal mines, and raw materials. The 5th reason was the Germans lost Silesia which was given to Poland. The 6th reason was that Germany couldn’t unite with Austria, which was a place with a lot of German background. If this treaty was different a war would not have started. Germany was irritated and the treaty completely took advantage of them.

2. Adolf Hitler was an Austrian born child, and was the 4th of 6 children in his family. At the age of 16, Hitler dropped out of school, and moved to Vienna to become an artist. He went to an art academy and failed to succeed. He slowly turned into a bum. Joined in the army during WWI and was a runner for the Western front. Hitler was awarded an Iron Cross for his bravery. After WWI, Hitler became a spy for the German government. During this period Hitler joined a rationalist group (Nazis) and would become the leader of this 6,000 person group in 1921. This group would become stronger, and would later attempt to overthrow the government and fail. Hitler was thrown in jail and during this period he wrote a novel called Mein Kamf or “My Struggle”. He wrote about space and race. If Hitler had died during the war, there