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The 1920’s were most commonly known as “The Roaring 20’s” this strange title was given to this period in time because of the rapid advances in industry, culture, and women’s rights. World war 1 had just ended and America and its allies had won, this war sparked excitement in American citizens eyes. World war 1 was a great war of wins and losses for America but when America’s citizens had heard the news America began to celebrate and the celebration caused prosperity in the arts, a new way of social living bloomed. During the 1920’s a long span of republican presidents took office. First was Warren G. Harding, he called for a “return to normalcy” with this slogan he won by a landslide, when in office Harding was solidly pro-business. Calvin Coolidge when Harding suddenly died Coolidge took over and stayed supportive of private enterprise. Coolidge was able to pay off most of the Great War debt by creating programs that cut down spending and reduced taxes. Herbert Hoover was said to have won his election because of the way he made it to the top of politics and was seen as a “rugged individual” and citizens though he would know the hardships of living in bad places. In the 1920s the population of middle class family’s rose to an all time high, the work week shortened and the amount of leisure time lengthened. Along with the rise in middle class popular culture changed. In the 1920s a group of instantaneous pop Artist were nicknamed “instant heros” these people excelled