Essay on Roaring Fork Beer

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To start, we must understand that the approach to the brand is different for non-users and ex-users. Non-users have possibly never tried our product, whereas ex-users have but have rejected it. Building awareness of our product to non-users may be necessary. Conversely, ex-users are all aware of our product but do not have an affinity for Roaring Fork Beer. Furthermore, we must identify whether the reason our product is rejected is sensory or perceptual. The case, there is a great deal of supportive evidence that leads us to believe the insight is sensory. Describing the taste as “chemically, gassy, bad and flat” are descriptive and tangible. Since our targets dislike the taste, we have the option of investing in either changing the …show more content…
This also creates an association with RFB consumed when out and the point of entry. After a long day’s work our middle-aged man strolls into a local pub on an autumn night. As he’s walking in he shakes hands and small chats a few friends on his way to his favorite stool. As he acknowledges the local bartender, he’s hugged from behind by a younger gentleman, his son, who has flown into town (from college) to see his parents for the weekend. They greet each other with emotion and the father orders a RFB for himself and a Budweiser for his son (presumably knowing his son’s preference). His son abruptly changes his order to a RFB as well. He explains to his father that he’s grown up now, and so has his taste. The father is delighted to share a bond and the smiles are cheek to cheek! We focus on the hard-working man that has “earned” the RFB after a hard day’s work which appeals to our current consumer base. It also captures the attention of point of entry beer drinkers that are attracted to the bond between father and son that is enhanced by our beer.
Strategy Strengths Strategy Weaknesses
Builds off the brand equity identified by consumers. Focuses on those that already see value in the brand. Will this persona of a blue-collared male confuse potential other consumers of the beer? High-end users will step down to low-end users, but only if they see value in the product.
Bar/pub setting is palatable with the identity of the