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SOURCE MUST BE FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE (News, Gov’t, Encyclopedia, Media company - - NOT Wiki, Ask, e-,, etc)

Name of Source (Association, Agency, Website, etc.): 1920’s-1930’ Year of Publication/Page Update: 2005

Date of Article - if known: N/A Date Website was Visited: 3/20/13 Author(s) - if known: N/A

Title of Page/Article: Women’s Fashions 1920’s

Web Address:
| | | | |
|Topic 1: Accessories |Topic 2: Fabrics |Topic 3: Clothing Color |Topic 4: Figure & Dress “Lines” |
|List all related facts to topic: |List all related facts to topic: |List all related facts to topic: |List all related facts to topic: |
|Hats |Textile Business = third largest industry |Blue is the most common color for a standard dress |Elsie Ferguson - one of America’s most attractive |
|Shoes |Garment designs depend on fabric’s weight and colors |Ugliest colors were considered the most fashionable |Ferguson expresses her individuality in clothing |
|Stockings |Match fabric with design that is to be used with an |for dresses |Women who find a career on stage can learn their |
|Handbags |outfit |White is also considered a standard color, but black|good and bad points in fashion, so most women go for|
|Dresses |Fabrics, lace, etc. should be fluffy and feminine; |isn't, as it emphasizes age when the women were |theater-like careers |
|Jewelry |don’t mix with plain tailored designs |trying to go for more modern/younger looks | |
|Women’s style could only be appreciated in |Material with hard surface that stand out from the | | |
|real-life or in colored illustrations |body should be avoided | | |
|New Colorful Fabrics were introduced |Match fabric colors with garment | | |
|Dresses were lighter, brighter, and much | | | |
|shorter | | | |
|Pantsuits | | | |
|Canes | | | |
|Short “bobbed” hair | | |