Roaring Twenties: Pop Culture Analysis

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The years that Republicans reigned politics in America were not only a time of prosperity it was also a time when Americans experienced a pop culture explosion. During the 'Roaring Twenties," as the era was commonly referred to, the population was introduced to the movie industry, the phonograph, commercial radio, and a host of new fantastic new ideas (Schultz 2014). For these reasons, the country mostly ignored what was going on in politics and spent time enjoying themselves. There was the introduction of jazz music from the Black American culture, movies brought new dances, women changed their roles in society, and literature took a turn in a new direction (Schultz 2014). In addition, the automobile became the new bedroom, games were accepted, sports became wildly popular, gossip increased, nightclubs and speakeasies were notoriously sought out, and many other fads were discovered.
At any rate, moving, then talking pictures took on a huge part of the leisure activities in our culture during the 20's in Hollywood, California (Schultz 2014). The length of the films became longer and more savoir-faire, while the houses that showed them became more elegant. As a consequence, people were inclined to dress up and make a night of going to the movies as part of their entertainment. Meanwhile, others, used the radio broadcasts as part of their entertainment,
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The African American culture crossed over to white audiences in such a way that it changed many dance trends of the era. Some of the dances included the foxtrot, the American tango, and the Charleston. The fashion for young women was to wear shorter dresses and shorter hair, they smoked publicly and were outspoken, which earned them the nickname of "Flappers" (Schultz 2014). Regardless, the era was also a time for the rights of women to change by gaining the vote and the introduction of contraceptives in