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Steve Rosemond
Sociology 101
Introduction to Sociology
Tuesday and Thursday 11-12:25 p.m
Spring 2010
Instructor: Frankie Holt
EX. 2

Tall structures, lots of people working, the smell of business in the air interests me to a great location to live in. Nothing is any better than seeing people hard at work. I want to live in an environment that is filled with lots of dedicated workers which is located in a large city to be excited about. New York City. I think is one of the greatest cities anyone can ever live in. My life style is based on luxurious suits, expensive dinners at the finest restaurants, and surrounded by a great work environment. When I grow up I want to be able to own my on business in the city because people are friendly, and caring. Best of all, I love the competition that people demonstration for their work. I hate being around lazy people because usually if your around lazy people you become lazy. New York is also very diverse. I love that you can visit Manhattan, Little Italy, Chinatown, and see all kinds of people, taste different foods, and hear all sorts of music.
There is always something going on in New York City. All times of the day and night - the city that never sleeps. All the enjoyment and hustle and buzz just makes you feel alive. I dislike the law-breaking rates in the city; it would make me really uncomfortable to leave my suit at night. I would also hate taking the train because of the rats and garbage people leave around. The trains smell like urine, there is tons of vandalism, destruction; drug distribution is done on the inside of the station. All of this would be an unsafe environment for me and my beloved family to be living in.
Most people can’t stand the loud noise that occurs during the late night inside the city, and most certainly I could neither. I would hate to live in an apartment that has a train stop outside my window. Sometimes I’d also hear people screaming or crying for help because they’ve been mugged. Most people that aren’t in some type of business or job aren’t the innocent people you want to be around. There are masses gangs and gang violence that I would never like to see or be a part of. Overall I’d live in a historical environment with tons of people that has a great place of business, knowing that one day I will be successful in New York City.
1. Describe the historic industries and business upon which your town was economically based.
New York City is one of the major cities listed in the United Stated as one of most historical places to live in. In fact, Brooklyn's Industrial Waterfront was on the 2007 list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic places. Just about two centuries ago lots of the immigrants settled close to where there were jobs in the New York City area and beginning in the mid-19th century that was on the docks or in successful waterfront factories in Brooklyn. “The industries, including sugar refining, grain storage and rope manufacturing, provided employment to teams of immigrants pouring into the city. By 1905, there were more than 100,000 factory workers in Brooklyn, most of them immigrants. Industry continued to grow in Brooklyn, employing the growing immigrant population and after the Great Depression, increasing numbers of rural Americans who moved to the city. Manufacturing and industry gradually declined throughout the latter half of the 20th century, and some closed completely.” (Wilson, 2009) For these immigrants it was a blessing that they were able to work and earn money to start families and better themselves. Too bad good things have to end soon or later, and it did for the immigrants.
Without jobs or money they were forced to live on the streets and cause criminal activity.” Today, Brooklyn's industrial heritage – a tangible link with the immigrants who struggled for new lives here – is in jeopardy as the waterfront falls victim to voracious developers anxious to