Rob Parson Essay

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Rob Parsons: A Morgan Stanley Case Analysis

Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Fall 2012

Eric Potter
Lindsay Hoh
Ehsan Rashid
Kwan Soo Myoung
Kyle West

I. Parsons’ Performance Assessment
Overall, Rob Parson’s performance at Morgan Stanley has been very strong when numbers are taken into consideration. In his time at MS, he has brought on new clients and expanded his division’s market share dramatically, increasing it over 10 percent. He has excellent repute with the clients and consistently creates new relationships with clients while also generating new opportunities for the firm. When it comes to sales, he creates a need for MS services even if there are none. Parson has
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At Morgan Stanley there is a steep promotional hierarchy where employees either move up the ladder or often leave the firm. This promotion not only guarantees that Parson remains with the company and will continue to increase the firm’s performance, but it would also positively affect Nasr’s reputation, who was relatively new to Morgan Stanley as well.
There are also a few criticisms which Parson needs to improve upon in order to succeed as a managing director while retaining the core vision of Morgan Stanley. Work attitude and behavior must be further improved. Impatience, cockiness and an overbearing attitude create a difficult work environment for all parties involved. It is also crucial that Parson develop better management and critical analysis skills since a narrow strategic vision will not help the firm in the long run. This also includes allowing different company divisions to perform on their own instead of questioning their decisions.
As noted in the performance evaluations, and even in Parson’s own self-evaluation, over the last year Parson has made improvements in these categories. The willingness to change and improve goes a long way too. Some co-workers even suggest that he has what it takes to fulfill a leadership position. Parson is a valuable asset to Morgan Stanley and should be put up for promotion. However, further adjustments need to be made before he can become a well respected manager. The goal should be to enhance the effectiveness of