Robert Bock Has Algned With Those Of The Conservative Republican Party

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Speaker A speech:
Robert Bork has algned with those of the conservative Republican party.
As an originalist, Bork believed that the "rights to privacy" was not a part of the Constitution. Therefore based on this view, if he were to be selected an Associate Justice, he bluntly stated that he would vote to reverse the decision of Roe v. Wade most all of the qualifications of age for that matter needs - impartiality. Bork has had published many works which described his opinion on issues and cases that are closely ali

Speaker B speech part:
Bork involvement in the Saturday Night Massacre shows us that he would suppress other branches in support of the executive branch. The Watergate scandal entailrk to fire the special prtraint extremist who supported disproportionate Executive branch powers, borderng of the Constitution. This is detrimental to today’s society since there is no progression. Important court decisions need to be relevant to the present since society’s views have dramatically changed over time. Bork’s strict constructionist background does not give any room for interpretation. Bork’s extreme conservative beliefs would cause American society to be stuck in the past since he desired judicosecutor in Nixon’s case. By doing this, Nixon was able to exhibit bountiful amounts of power that seemed tyrannical. Bork is a judicial resial restraint. If judges were not able to overturn acts of democratically elected legislatures without a firm basis of the written Constitution, the country cannot progress.

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Bork has an ultra-conse a grant of rights by the majority. Against this understanding of the Constitution, and of human dignity, Judge Bork offers an alternative vision-…