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Robert Frost was one of the best poets in American literature. His poems opened the eyes of people everywhere to view life differently. Frost not only changed the way people viewed life, he also changed the style of poems. Robert Frost saw many horrible things in his life. He had to see the death of his sister, children, and wife. So, in some of his poems, he wrote sorrow. But, he also had a positive outlook on life. He wrote with such meaning and power. Frost used such imagery in his work, that you could vision everything perfectly. In poems such as “The Road Not Taken” and “The Pasture”, you could just imagine yourself in that exact moment. You could smell the leaves in the air, feel the breeze on your neck, and even picture right where you were standing. Robert changed the format of his poems, from the format of most poems. I one poem, he used dialogue. A man and his wife were having a conversation, and he turned it into a poem. In another poem, he used such smooth text, it was as if you said it everyday. He also balanced darkness with humor. He believed that if he talked about something sad, he could lighten the mood with a joke. He wanted to reach out to people. Frost wanted his audience to feel like they connected to what he was saying. No one wants to read something they don’t understand. So, he tried his best to write in a way that wouldn’t puzzle anyone. Because Frost grew up in the country, most of his poems are placed in rural settings. Because Frost was such an amazing writer, numerous people asked him to write about events in the world. He was even asked to write about JFK’s assasination. People all around the world loved his poems. Frost always wrote about nature. Every poem had something to do with nature, because it has so much imagry. But he also probes