Robert Frost Annotation

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Robert Frost is one of the most well known poets of all times. From writing poetry about nature, to different seasons of the year, Robert Frost is very diverse.The most known topic that Mr. Frost pours his soul into would be the importance of time and brevity, and pastorals. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is an example of him using simple and metaphorical language to bring deeper meanings from a simple poem. In life there comes a time when people have to make drastic life decisions, and the consequences of those decisions. The main factor of this poem is’A Fork in the Road,’ would be the main metaphorical message this poem is telling, due to the nature of coming to a point in life, where you need to decide what to do next. The readers …show more content…
The speaker lets the reader on a little insight on that both paths look like they haven’t been walked upon lately. The speaker may hint to deliberating on which path for an extended period of time trying to find a logical reason, even though one never presents itself. After line thirteen there is an exclamation mark, that can give a reader the sense to notice the excitement, that is ironically toned down after the following lines: “Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back” (Frost 3, Line 14-15). The fourth stanza Mr.Frost carefully changes the tone of the poem. Not only does this stanza begin a completely different sentence fragment but it’s obvious that it’s a different thought than the rest of the poem. Within the fourth stanza the reader is looking into a possible future of the speaker, which is different because he didn’t focus on the future, but the present, in the past stanzas. In the last three stanzas the speaker dwells on the fact that he chose the less-conventual path that he hopes in the future he will be able to say that he actually took “the one less