Robert Frost Metaphors

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Robert Frost spent most of his life around rural places which most likely inspired him to use natures in his poetry. Frost uses many emotions, such as anger, happiness, sadness and loneliness, can be connected between nature and humanity. In his poetry, Frost uses nature as a reflection of human experiences that can have seasons, just like life cycle. Understanding symbolic meaning of the words and metaphor in Frost’s poetry helps to analyze the figurative meaning in the poem.
Literally, "The Road Not Taken" is about a traveler who is walking in the woods and has come upon two roads. The traveler cannot travel both roads and thus must decide only one road to walk. The traveler weighs both roads and chooses the road that has less traveled. He realizes that he cannot come back. The traveler says that the road less traveled which he chooses has made all the difference.
Figuratively, "The Road Not Taken" can be applied to a human life. The traveler is a person who has two options to choose in his life, which are represented in the poem by the two roads in the woods. By evaluating the both options, the person takes the time to consider all sides to them. The traveler
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The speaker feels that there is no need of this wall since “There where it is we do not need the wall. He is all pine and I am apple orchard” ( ). On the other hand, his neighbor remains unconvinced and follows his father’s inherited word: “Good fences make good neighbors” (). They even kept the wall while they are mending it. This reflects that they never interact with each other: ”We keep the wall between us as we go” (). Frost has describes the literal meaning of wall as a physical barrier; however, the true meaning of wall contains metaphor as representation of the invisible barriers, between the neighbors, such as separating or cutting off the