Robert Frost Research Paper

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Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California. His mother, Isabelle Moodie Frost, was a teacher while his father, William Prescott Frost, was initially a reporter for the San Francisco Daily Bulletin. Robert eventually had a sister named Jeanie Florence Frost.William Frost resumed being an alcoholic due to stress from having a family, and his addiction consequently led him to be abusive to the point of even physically injuring Robert. Despite enduring the abuse dealt to him, Robert viewed his father as a role model, seeing him as brave, strong and enduring. Because of William Frost’s vulgarity, Isabelle Frost left with Robert while she was pregnant with Robert’s sister to live with her parents in-law for their safety in 1876.

Later that same year, Isabelle returned with Robert and newborn Jeanie to William to discover that William was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. While William was ill, Robert had joined a gang known as the Washington Street Gang. In addition to going through a rough initiation, Robert had also stolen for the gang. Eventually but unfortunately, William died from the disease on May 5, 1885,
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In high school however, he was a member of his high school newspaper and eventually became its editor. He mainly published poems in the bulletin, a notable poem that he wrote for it was La Noche Triste. Robert also shared the title of valedictorian with Elinor White, who had also published poems in their high school journal. Both Robert and Elinor fell for each other in time, but they had temporarily parted ways for college. Robert, who originally wanted to go to Harvard, was persuaded to leave for Darthmouth college only to dislike it later on, leave, and then attend Harvard. By Contrast, Elinor went to St. Lawrence University in New York. Eventually however, Robert and Elinor were married on December 19, 1895, later having four