Robert Frost Research Paper

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Everyone has morals in life. Weather learned from nature, family, or past experiences. Robert Frost is well known for using different themes to teach morals in his poems. He uses imagery, emotions, different views, symbolism, and ever nature, to help create an image in one’s mind. The morals that these different types of themes create will make the reader face decisions and consequences as if they were in the poem themselves. His morals can be found in the poems, “The Road Not Taken,” “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” “Out, Out,” and “Acquainted with the Night.” Robert Frost’s poetry uses different themes to create morals which readers will use in daily life. “He is fairly taciturn about what happens to us after death, partly because he finds so …show more content…
The emotion shown in “Acquainted with the Night” is very depressed. In the lines, “When far away an interrupted cry/ came over houses from another street,/ but not to call me back or say good-bye;” the narrator seems to be upset because no one is there for them. But truth is, the narrator is ok with being alone. In the last line the Frost write “I have be one acquainted with the night.”

Frost’s virtues are extraordinary. No other living poet has written so well about the actions of ordinary men: his wonderful dramatic monologs or dramatic scenes come out of knowledge of people that few poets have had, and they are written in a verse that uses, sometimes with absolute mastery, the rhythms of actual speech; (Rosenthal 110).
Different views can show the reader a moral by comparing two different things in Robert Frost’s poetry. “His work, the work of an artist in general, consists of building a short bridge from one man to another, of establishing connections between man and nature, body and soul, of demonstrating reality in the wonderful interactions of its individual parts” (Frost 174). Robert Frost show different views in “The Road Not Taken” by showing man and nature. Frost shows one view, man, by having someone choosing a path, but shows nature when he has the line about it being autumn. The reader can tell that the path that the narrator chooses is the one with more autumn leaves on the ground because of Frost showing different views. Due